Sunday, 6 October 2013

How not to make money online

Get paid to do and gptc

Get paid to do sites offer a wide range of offers and surveys for users to complete for cash but the fact is that these websites are complete scams and will make you tiredless slave away clicking adverts.. watching videos and filling out surveys and all for nothing at the end of the day when you go to cash out your account will be banned and a silly reason found for the ban. They will come up with a really dumb excuse why your account was banned and will keep all the money earned by you for themselves. Get paid to do really isnt a good way to make money even if they werent scam websites... you are working for peanuts and it is such a tedious way to earn money you might as well walk along the street picking up pennies..... as pennies is all you will ever be earning from these sites... and even then you wont be getting them asyour account will be banned.

A suRvey will often take you 30 minutes or and hour to complete but for $1- $5 per compelted survey you are working for a lot less then minimum wage! DONT BOTHER SAVE YOU TIME AND INTERNET BANDWIDTH YOU WILL ONLY BE MAKING SOME NERDY TEENAGER WHO SET UP THE SITE LOADS OF CASH...

There are alos website where you must shorten urls and get cash for each visitor who views that url.. these are scam websites as well.. just like get paid to websites these shorten url and earn websites will just simply ban you when you got to cash out even if you have not broken any rules...... Besides if you are making decent enough cash from web visitors like that anyway go get adwords and make some real money not pennies from these nerdy freaks.


I hope this guide to making money (or rather how not to) will save people time and put them in the right direction for making soem real income online and not be scammed by these freaks!

The importance of running and keeping active

Keeping active is something lost in today's information age where we are constantly sat in front of computer tirelessly working away yet not moving all day... meaning at the end of the tiring working day we are too tired (even though we have not being moving much all day) to do some exercise. This is leading to unhealthy cardiovascular systems effecting people on a pandemic scale.. Because poor cardio health is often without visible signs such as being overweight many people will presume they are fit and healthy just because they are not overweight and have not visible signs that say otherwise but the truth is many of us that think that we are healthy are not. Why are we tired at the end of the day when we have hardly been moving in our office sat in front of a computer? Simple answer is that inactivity creates tiredness... our bodies have no reason to create the chemicals that make us alert....So what we must do is be more active if we dont want to die of clogged arteries.. dvt and heart attacks simply because we do not move and do not use our hearts.. Our heart is a muscles after all and needs exercising... Running is by far the best way to keep your heart healthy and running should be done for at least 30 minutes each day without fail to keep you active and moving.. by just doing this you are exercising the heart and you will be more healthy.. blood with flow more easily through out your body and not only that after a long hard days work you will feel less tired and more alive! Try it and live longer you know im right!

How to grow taller?

Im no expert but I do know that there are some ways being told to people on the internet if you search for how to grow taller which you should stay well away from like human growth hormones and surgery. You cannot simply force your body to grow taller and should never buy random drugs from off the internet in the hope they will help your grow taller because it simply does not work like that and you will harm your body. When your growth plates found in your bones fuse together that is the end of bone lengthening and you will stop growing taller. And the only things that you can do is improve your posture and hope that not slouching all the time will hopefully increase the spaces between joints and verts making you taller (which can in fact make people 2-inches taller sometimes) or you can choose to wear height increasing insole that have been shown to help increase people height secretly (its a bit like cheating really but who care as long as your taller and it is a much better way to get taller than doing months of stretching exercises (however i do recommend posture exercises as poor posture can lead to many bad health conditions) anyway or standing on a box). Height increasing insoles are comfortable to wear and these height insoles will not damage your feet like high heels will over time due to the fact that height insoles are a adaption from heel lifts, heel lifts are worn for leg length discrepancies meaning that they have been designed with comfort, support and stability incorporated in the insoles helping support the foot in its most natural and safest position which reduces the risk of strain and injury to the foot... I first heard about this rather in genius way over on berkeleybubble... Now I am much more taller and far more confident! Thanks berkeleybubble I owe you. You can get these lifts in a range of different makes and designs to fit your specific foot shape and or needs... I got some half insoles ones as they were light weight give me good support for my flat feet and with the stacks that come with them you are able to change the height on the heel meaning you can find the height that best suits you.